creative commercial photographer

I am Jennifer Zink. I am currently a graphic designer for Starbucks at PMI Worldwide. I attended an all women's college in Columbia, MO called Stephens College where I studied Apparel Studies and minored in Graphic Design and Design Arts. I have a strong background in art and design and knowledge of both the fashion and graphic design industries.


Most of my inspiration is heavily influenced by the city I grew up in (Oakland) and my Chinese heritage. I take a lot of pride in the city that raised, cultivated, and encouraged the artist I am and am often inspired by the many talents that have emerged from Oakland. Growing up, I was embarrassed to be Chinese and did not appreciate my history, but as I've grown up, I've come to embrace it and use it to guide some of my projects.

I have a lot of experience with working with multiple start-ups and small businesses in the Bay Area. Currently, I am a Freelance Production Artist/Graphic Designer for a small company in San Rafael, CA called Elsa L, Inc. Previously, I have worked for a small textile startup in Alameda, a greeting card company in Millbrae, a boutique in Oakland, and a fashion tech startup in San Mateo. 

In my spare time I love to cuddle with my cat, Dim Sum, travel to visit my out-of-state friends, and knit while I binge-watch TV shows. I also love to sew (when I'm not under the pressures of it being in a class setting) and figuring out songs by ear on the piano. When I really have some time to spare I like to teach myself new skills or reinforce basic skills I have like learning HTML/CSS, creating GIF animations on Photoshop, and digital art using the app Procreate.