The goal of this project was to choose a product that already exists or that we currently own, and redesign it. It was exactly what it sounds like.


As a grown adult that has chosen to fix their teeth post-childhood, I have gone the Invaslign route. In addition to straightening out my teeth, apparently my entire jaw was not aligned correctly and I had the absolute honor and pleasure to have been a wearer of rubber bands. Not only were my trays not invisible due to the attachments on my teeth that gave the illusion of clear braces, but now were definitely noticeable via the 2 rubber bands I had to wear connected between my upper and lower jaw.


Since shifting my gear to graphic design, I am one of those people that notice and criticize everything. I see how badly things in my everyday life were designed. One of these things was the packet that my rubber bands came in. They come in different weights and thicknesses and each one has a unique name and symbol. I thought that was cool that they used names to be able to differentiate from a heavy ¼” band from a light ½” band. It’s something easy to remember for both the orthodontist and the wearers.


I wanted to use that concept of unique designs belonging to each band and the fact that mostly orthodontists and children are the receivers of these rubber bands. I think I went a little overboard and beyond the requirements when redesigning the rubber bands. I researched and found out there were quite a few varieties of weights and thicknesses. It so happened that either the thicknesses or the weights lined up with the number of natural elements that exist in our universe. Using the existing symbols for the weights, I used a color palette inspired by the colors of earth, wind, fire, metal, wood, and water and turned the symbols into patterns. Since I only needed to only redesign one product, I redesigned the kind I had.


I thought of how embarrassing annoying it is to have to wear rubber bands and I thought I might be more willing and excited to wear them if they were in more fun packaging. I also didn’t like the Ziploc function and found it to be a hassle sometimes. I keep my nails fairly short, so it can take some time for me to just get the plastic separated to pull it apart. I liked the idea and design of a matchbox for the bands to live in. It’s a much easier way to open and it also looks better than a plastic baggy. I am also inclined to clear windows in packaging as well, so I created a matchbox design with a circular plastic window. I also made sure to keep all of the same information that is printed on the bags. It was a very fun project for me, but also challenging to try and figure out how to construct what I wanted and have it make sense.