The Collections is the name of the annual fashion show that Stephens College hosts every spring to showcase senior collections and other garments that were selected through a rigorous jury process. During my first semester of being a part of Creative Ink, The Collections was one of my very first clients ever. Creative Ink was my first taste of what designing for clients was like and what it would be like to work in a design agency. Me and my partner were assigned this internal client due to the fact that I was a part of the fashion department and I have been involved with the fashion show every year in various roles. I had a lot of experience with the fashion show and those involved with the planning committee.


The Collections fashion show is one of the biggest events every year on campus. Everyone attends at least one of the shows and it tends to fall on alumnae homecoming weekend, so many of the alumnae attend as well. It was a huge task and I felt honored to carry it out, but I was feeling the pressure. This project taught me years of experience just within the few months I spent developing and designing the poster. This project was one of the most challenging and frustrating projects I ever have done. I had to quickly learn not to get attached to any ideas I presented and how to deal with quick turnarounds.


I don’t think that the committee knew entirely what they were wanting for the poster, so it definitely affected the way this project played out. It started out with them wanting completely original content (which to be honest, didn’t look very great anyways) to basing the design around a photo. They also kept changing their minds on what photos they wanted to use, and they ended up using photos from a shoot just a couple weeks before the show. Due to the fact that everything was somewhat time sensitive, I made sure to manage my time very well and any time I wasn’t in class or eating, I was in the computer labs working on revisions, meeting with the firm directors, meeting with my partner, meeting with our teaching advisor, and meeting with the clients.


I find myself to be quite adaptable and I usually take any notes and critiques quite seriously. While the process was very taxing, I found myself being able to keep up with the quick changes and back-to-back meetings to ensure that this project would get done in time. You will notice in the revisions that the design changed quite drastically and also changed along with the content of the poster. Them finalizing the photos they wanted to use really drove the posters into the right direction and you can tell it made a big difference. I am prouder of myself in how I handled this project and the process of it more so than the finished project. I do think the finished project came together in the end and I emerged a stronger designer because of it.