This was my first portrait commission that I’ve ever received. Last year after I had seen Black Panther
and I was so inspired by it, I wanted to do an art piece dedicated to Black Panther. I had enjoyed the style of digital drawing I had used when I created “My Culture is not a Costume” poster series and wanted to do more pieces like that. My favorite character from the movie had to be Shuri mostly because I envied her amazing technological skills and innovation at such a young age. Women are barely ever portrayed in any kind of technological genius roles, so it really struck a chord with me.
I had started (yet to finish) a drawing of her character movie poster and had posted it to my social media.


Sydney saw the drawing and loved my work so far that she wanted to commission me to do a portrait of her that she could use for her branding. She also asked if I could create an animation GIF of her portrait in different colors. I was up front with her
and told her that I had never animated anything before, but I would be willing to teach myself how.
It was definitely quite the process learning how to create an animated GIF on Photoshop, but I am quite quick at learning something if there is sufficient instruction available. I was able to create the GIF
and I’ve now been able to create animations since including the one in my website header.