As you can guess, I was able to get Summer Daze Dean as my client through the workout guide that I designed for Karina Rutledge. This was the biggest project I had done that was a “spinoff” of a previous project. It really made me happy that someone saw something I had designed and wanted me to create something similar for them. I don’t take on freelance for the money or for the exposure, I do it just for the experience and I like feeling like I have a goal/purpose outside of my job. I tend to feel very anxious when I don’t have anything productive to do in my free time after a while. Yes, it’s amazing having a few days of no responsibilities and being able to do an activity when I feel like it, but it gets old after a while. I struggle with procrastination and motivation and having too much unplanned free time allows me to fall back into my bad habits. While I am not perfect at self-management and keeping up with deadlines, I definitely have improved from when I first started or even when I was in college.


I have to admit, this particular project was a very large learning curve for me. I really learned about who I want to be as a designer and what kind of image of myself I wanted to put out there. I learned a lot about boundaries and how to communicate effectively. This was a very challenging project just due to how in-depth this guide was in comparison to the one for Karina Rutledge. Summer had some ideas for what she wanted some parts of her guide to look like and I was pressuring myself to create something that would be better than my one for Karina Rutledge. I hit quite a few road blocks in terms of inspiration and getting started, but I turned to a lot of my friends and peers for guidance and I found that it helped immensely.


There were a few speed bumps along the way, but I made sure that I kept in mind the quality of the entire project the entire time. I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect, things lined up, the links were clickable, and that the client had proofread the work. Since I am a designer, I do mostly design and I will catch design mistakes, but I am not a writer. I am not great with proofreading and I count on other sets of eyes to catch mistakes that I may not have noticed before. Everyone knows that great design needs to be reviewed and edited before being sent out into the world.


Overall, I am really proud of the amount of time and work I put into this project and to make sure that it went beyond the standards that Summer was expecting. I am not known for being a quick designer, but I have been known to commit a lot of time to projects ensure that they’re done in a timely fashion and are top notch quality. I feel as if this project demonstrates the amount of time I’m willing to put in for a project and an ability to show growth.