This simple RuPaul illustration was created at the request of one of my friends. She wanted to use the illustration as a sticker to put on her graduation cap. I was happy to oblige this request to further strengthen my digital illustration skills and because I am also a huge RuPaul fan. This was the first time I was able to finally put my drawing tablet to use. I finally gave in to the idea of using a drawing tablet with my laptop with the hopes I would finally finish a project I’ve been working on for over a year and making my work time more efficient. I just have to say that my life has since been changed since I made that purchase.


While it did take me a while to complete the drawing due to me being nitpicky, the drawing tablet helped speed up the process. I have downloaded Procreate on my iPad, for drawings like this I still definitely feel more comfortable with using Illustrator. I really enjoy doing these small digital portraits to be fun since they’re not a huge project and I’ve wanted to practice my portrait drawing skills. I have always struggled with a personal style of drawing and I know the more that I practice and keep drawing, my personal style will emerge.