Anyone who knows me knows that I somehow am on top of everything having to do with pop culture and I can get obsessed with certain movies or TV shows that I love. If I had more time, I would love to create more art and pieces inspired by my favorite TV shows and movies. I am a very ambitious person with many ideas inside of my head, but I am always a perfectionist so I finish these ideas maybe 20% of the time and actually get around to attempting to execute it 10% of the time. The Lord of the Rings movies and world is one of my favorites of all time. I never got around to completing all of the Hobbit movies, but I did see the first one and loved it. A TV show that I’ve recently been watching is Riverdale. I grew up reading all of the Archie comics as a child reading my mom’s editions from the 60’s and 70’s and accrued quite a collection of my own in the first decade of 2000.

I would call myself a Riverdale fan, but really only a Riverdale Season 1 fan. If you have ever watched the show or are still watching the show, I think you’ll understand what I mean. I was a little skeptical about watching Riverdale because I read all the comics as a kid and I know they changed the storyline and characters quite drastically. There was no serial killer, no dark family feuds between the Blossoms and the Coopers, no motorcycle gangs lead by Jughead’s estranged father. The show has gone a bit off the rails today and the writing is not great – at all, but I couldn’t help but love the character of Cheryl Blossom. She is one of the most complex and best characters on that show. If I end up watching season 3, it’ll be because of her. Another deviation from the comics is that Cheryl Blossom is a trained archer and she actually shows off these skills in the show dressed like if Red Riding Hood were a bounty hunter.


The scene where archer Cheryl is introduced immediately reminded me of a medieval fantasy world. I also follow a graphic artist called Boss Logic on Instagram and he is known for his Photoshop mashup masterpieces. He has done numerous posters for Marvel and he is incredibly talented. I love all of his work and I’ve wanted to do more Photoshop edits inspired by him. He also has a way of incorporating a little bit of humor either through the piece or with his captions. I highly recommend following him if you’re a fan of mashups or crossover art. I was basically inspired to create a mashup of The Hobbit and Riverdale because of him.


I’ve also always found myself to be way more adept with technology than creating anything by hand. This is partially the reason why I switched from Fashion Design and Product Development to pursuing something that would be more graphic design centered. I also know I can count on my technological skills and am a lot faster than drawing or painting. I also love the ability to erase and undo anytime I make a mistake, which is a lot.


The job I currently am at right now requires a ton of Photoshop work and I have learned all the secrets to creating mockups of the products that we sell and I felt that these skills would translate well to my personal project idea. This project was also sort of the white knight of projects for me. I have been in a design slump for the past year and have been unable to find the motivation to do any sort of fun projects at all. I had forgotten how much I loved dedicating time to projects that I enjoyed. I think I spent 3 very late nights perfecting this and I have viewed it as such an accomplishment for myself. Because I enjoyed creating it, it has become something I keep at the back of my mind to keep working hard now so I can perhaps find a job that allows me to do more personal projects on the side and maybe I could become a full-time freelancer as well. I definitely want to do more projects of this same vein and maybe do another Riverdale/Hobbit crossover.