PrimeThrifts was one of my very first freelance clients. One of the co-creators of PrimeThrifts is someone that I went to both elementary school and middle school with. We both worked at the local neighborhood public school and one day I bumped into Nathaniel, who I hadn’t seen since 8th grade graduation. We reconnected and I told him that I was doing graphic design and he said he was creating a brand and would love to get some help creating some materials for his business. PrimeThrifts originated from him and his friends doing thrifting videos on YouTube. They buy vintage items (80’s and 90’s gear) and then clean it up and resell it on Instagram. They’re one of the many new brands that have popped up on Instagram that participate in reselling vintage items from that era.

Recently, there has been a huge inspiration from those eras in today’s fashion and culture. It began in about 2014 and has still been going strong since then. I believe this has to do with the fact that millennials make up a huge portion of the population. Many of us born in the 80’s and 90’s feel a very strong connection to the music, fashion, shows, and culture of our childhoods. It was the nearing the turn of the century/beginning of the turn of the century. Nathaniel and his co-creators, Taylor and Zach, wanted to create a brand that fostered that connection between the public and the 90’s for their branding.

PrimeThrifts Mood Board-01.jpg
PrimeThrifts Mood Board-02.jpg

They wanted their branding and logo to feel modern, yet retro and a nod to the past. People loved the cartoons and TV shows from that era like Rugrats, Martin, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, etc. They wanted people to look at their logo and feel a connection to their childhood and a sense of nostalgia. They also appreciated the bright colors and geometric shapes that were heavily used in 80’s and 90’s design.

I surveyed many friends and acquaintances on Twitter and Facebook to get an idea of both the good and the bad imagery get from the words “thrift store” and “vintage store”. I wanted to know exactly the kind of imagery people remembered or associated with those words and use that as a starting point and also know what not to do. Most people had a lot of good memories and visuals attached to that and a lot of them brought up the 80’s and 90’s design aesthetics. This only solidified and confirmed that the direction that PrimeThrifts was going in, was the right direction.


I also love that style and love the graphic design that arose from the 80’s and 90’s as well. While I have been a fan and let it influence my fashion choices, I had yet to design anything that was influenced by it. Being a part of their target market, I had a lot of fun researching and creating some logos that were heavily inspired by that time. It was the first time that I really created some branding on my own and it was kind of scary and I definitely can look back and see some things I could improve upon. But I am still pretty happy with how it all turned out.


In addition to designing their logo, I also designed business cards, a thank you card, a banner, and began designing a website. Since then, PrimeThrifts has been rebranded and renamed to Backstock Bay Area. You can give them a follow on Instagram. We’re still in progress with creating the rest of the assets for Backstock while they rebuild and continue to build clientele. For Backstock, I created a simple logo and animation showing the transition from PrimeThrifts to Backstock.