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Middleton Team real estate team is a new mother-daughter realtor duo in the Bay Area. Not only are they a family business, but they cater to young families looking to buy a first-time house in the East Bay. They are a full-solution team that wants to be able to educate these families on the process of buying a house for the first time in addition to being able to helping them find a house. Deborah Middleton and Dayna Middleton make up this branch of Drakeford Real Estate.


The Middleton Team’s target market/ideal customer would be just your normal working class family/couple from the East Bay or looking to move to the East Bay. Ideally, they would be a smaller family or maybe even a couple looking to start a family. The couple are business professionals and preferably middle class. They enjoy spending time at home and want to live in a home that provides them fun and relaxation. They travel, but prefer to stay at home; which is where the perfect search for a home comes in.

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With their branding, they knew that they wanted something simple and honest. They wanted a logo that appeared to be professional and realistic. Something that felt personal because they would be spending a lot of time with their clients. They wanted to focus on building trust and reliability. One thing that they knew was that they wanted their color palette to include navy, gold or silver, and black. They preferred a darker color palette and nothing too bright or crazy. In addition to a logo, they wanted to create some business cards that were logo-driven.


I perused Pinterest and tried to find some examples of logos that seemed to capture what they were looking for. Professional, yet friendly. Modern, yet approachable. I went for more classic fonts – both sans serif and serif – and darker color palette options. They were happy with the options, but two of them stood out the most to them, so we decided to combine elements of their favorites. They really liked the modern look of a rectangular border, but they also really appreciated the classy appearance of a sans serif title with sheer serif initials behind.