This was the first project where I sought out the client and really put myself out there to get more experience. I first discovered Karina Rutledge on Twitter and I saw pictures of her amazing transformation of gaining 30lbs from a year of weight training. I, myself, was inspired by her story and I saw that many other twitter followers kept hounding her asking her to share or post her workout routine. She obviously was a full-time student and she worked out a lot and it was hard for her to keep up with the demands of random strangers online. I could tell she could use a helping hand since I had a lot of free time on my hands to help her out. I messaged her saying that I was a graphic designer and I would be happy to volunteer my time to help her design a guide. All she had to do was send me her word document and I would take it from there.


To my surprise, she actually saw my message and was happy to take me up on my offer. She forwarded along the word document and she told me she loved beach aesthetics and what her favorite colors were. Other than that, she had no direction for layouts at all and let me have complete creative freedom. Based upon the information she gave me and my limited experience with multi-page design, I started to create the guide. I did a lot of research on Pinterest since I am not familiar with typical formats for workout guides. I had never designed anything like this before and never something that would reach so many people either.


I wanted to make the guide fun and easy to read; something that someone like myself with little to no knowledge on weight training would be able to understand. I also knew that having some interactive parts to it would be helpful as well such as pages someone could print out and take with them to the gym or put up on the refrigerator or calendar as a reminder. A skill that I picked up from this project was learning how to insert hyperlinks into InDesign documents and creating an interactive PDF where all the links were clickable for the readers. I personally do not like the way that URLs look and I think they add clutter to any design.


Most of the inspiration for the design of the guide came from the content itself. The research and examples online did not resonate with me and I wanted to create something that there wasn’t already an existing guide for. This was probably the first project I’ve done where I really took it into my own hands and didn’t rely on what already existed. Although I did have free time, I still was working two part-time jobs at the time and it gave me a taste of what freelancing on the side while working would
be like. Also, the pressure I was putting on myself for it to be perfect also contributed to the guide taking a while to complete. Luckily, all of it paid off and Karina was so impressed with the guide and she loved it. I also heard a lot of positive things from
her followers and it even lead to obtaining another future client. Overall, this project was a journey, but
a journey that was definitely worth it because it showed me that I could balance work and well,
more work, and it spurred me to open up my doors for all commissions.

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