This was the first project we had in my package design class. We were requested to create a line of items that were to be presented and auctioned off at an alumnae event for Stephens College in Dallas, TX. I had an extremely hard time coming up with any ideas. It was just so open-ended and I had heard that the package design class was extremely challenging so I was definitely feeling the pressure to come up with something great. The class was also taught by Kate Gray, one of the greatest professors at Stephens College, and she was known to have high standards and encourage us to be the greatest we could be. This was my first time ever being in a Kate Gray class as well, so it was very intimidating. I had also only taken 2 graphic design courses prior to this class, but I did have some experience with Kate Gray since she oversaw the student-run marketing firm, Creative Ink.


She was of great help for this first project and she guided me in the direction of creating specific, personalized sketchbooks for different occasions. The cover designs came from some sketches from my fashion illustration class that Kate saw and really liked. The sketches came from a collection that I developed and illustrated that were inspired Chinese instruments. The products developed with a fashionista in mind, but the contents of the sketchbooks have a wider appeal. I really liked the idea of those idea books you can buy that have different and fun writing and drawing prompts. I also thought about what I would like to use a sketchbook for that was not only for just sketching. Kate Gray was so helpful through every step of the way.


The Time Capsule was created with the idea that someone could use it like a scrapbook. You can paste in movie tickets, concert tickets, polaroid photos, etc. and write down your entries and stories to go with it. For each one, I added a few writing and drawing ideas/prompts scattered throughout the sketchbooks. I also tend to be a very disorganized person, so writing down lists and keeping track of things by writing them down is very important to me. If I don’t write it down, I will forget it. I constantly am wishing I had a book of lists that I could refer to at any time. Lists like keeping track of the last time I changed my toothbrush, favorite books, tracking the books I have read, and concerts I have attended. Just a master book of lists about anything and everything. That’s how I came up with the idea for the Book of Lists sketchbook. I also saw a lot of really cute travel notebooks or articles on how to keep a travel sketchbook, while on the go anywhere. The Daily Expeditions sketchbook is exactly for those trips whether it’s to the local coffee shop, or on a plane on the way to Paris. This could be the ultimate stop for sketching sceneries, collecting memorabilia, and observances. Since the first three notebooks were somewhat specific, I wanted to add in one that was completely open-ended. The user could use this last sketchbook in any way that they wished to. Doodle It is for doodling, for writing, for tearing pages out, whatever use you need it for.