This project is was from the first class that I took when I added on my Graphic Design major. I had just switched from Fashion Design to Apparel Studies and added in two minors and this was the first introductory graphic design course I took. The final project was to create a mini magazine or some type of multi-page design layout. If you haven’t noticed, I try to tie a lot of my ideas back to Oakland and the Bay Area. I love being from such a multi-cultural and vibrant city and I love to share it with people. I was very lucky to have grown up in Oakland and be surrounded by so much knowledge and inspiration. Many well-known creatives have origins in the Bay Area and being able to see people of any skin color and any background be able to pursue their dreams is such a privilege. I get that not everyone grew up the way I did and even within Oakland, they didn’t grow up the way I did.


I really wanted to create something that celebrated the Bay Area and namely, Oakland. Most people in Missouri don’t know much about Oakland at all besides the weird coincidental rivalry between our sports teams and the sports teams in Missouri. I wanted to showcase my city and showcase everything that I had learned in the class. I had taken a fashion graphic design class the year before and I learned the basics, but that was it. I did have a leg up on most of the people in the class, but a lot of the techniques we learned were brand new to me as well. I didn’t really know much about Adobe InDesign before and never created a project solely using InDesign before.


While this project is not impressive design-wise, I still find it to be a favorite project of mine. It was sort of the breakthrough project for me that confirmed that graphic design was the direction I wanted to go in and it was a part of my “destiny” all along. It felt good knowing that I had might the right decision and I picked an area of expertise that I was good at and didn’t feel like it was a chore to me. There are so many things about this project that I would redo in a heartbeat – and I’d love to completely redo this magazine now knowing the things I know now and with the proficiency I have with Adobe programs – but, it still remains as one of my favorite passion projects I have completed.


Since the Bay Area is so huge and so many artists, actors, singers, writers, etc. have emerged from the Bay Area I knew I needed to narrow it down to Oakland. It worked out better that way because some of my favorite people are from Oakland and the emotional connection I hold to this mini magazine definitely shines through. I decided I wanted to highlight our music, our movies and tv, our food, and our landmarks. I drew inspiration from the Rolling Stone magazine to have different sub sections within the mini mag and other magazine layouts that I saw online. I also read tons of interviews about everyone featured and compiled all that research and tried to rephrase and piece together what I found in my own voice. I think I was slightly deranged to completely write up the entire copy of this project entirely on my own and not use any placeholder text. I wanted to be able to enjoy it and it to be a readable piece that other people could look through. I do want to note I used a lot of resources and because it was a school project and not for distribution, I did not properly credit my sources. I want to be clear that the content is not mine and I do not own any of the written content of the articles in the mini mag.


I do believe that I probably spent way too time on this for the level class this was for and the amount of points it was worth. But I do not like submitting anything that I didn’t work hard on. I don’t like turning in anything that looks like it’s incomplete or like I had only spent a few hours working on it. Also, being that I had a late start and was one of the oldest students in the class, I felt obligated to produce something impressive. As I have been writing up all the content for my website, I realize that I have already said that so and so project was one my favorite projects to work on for so many pieces, but it’s true. I really do love designing and everything that it entails. When you’re passionate about something, you fall in love with every part of it and every seeming “milestone” that you complete. I hold a lot of personal connections to all the projects I have done and it’s hard to not become attached. I’ve provided link to download this guide for your reading pleasure and let the work speak for itself.