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“Half glazed, half chocolate. Whole snack” is the tagline for makeup artist, Nakia Gibbs. She wanted to create a brand for her makeup endeavors with the dream of starting her own cosmetics line one day. She wanted something that encapsulated her makeup style and helps empower women and make them feel beautiful. She wanted imagery that would get people excited about getting glammed up, makeup, and beauty. She believes that everyone deserves and can “feel like a snack”. She wants women to feel beautiful both with and without makeup as well.


Nakia really wanted to emphasize two things
coming together to create one look and also incorporated a donut because donuts represent diversity in both the donut world and the real world. She wanted to also appreciate and lift up black women. She loves the look of glowing brown skin and how highlighter hits the skin just right and creates such a beautiful glow. Another saying she
has is “Glaze is a coating of glossy applied with a brush”. Her target market is anyone aged 16-30 that wants and likes to get their makeup done. They love to be pampered and love to get glammed up from time to time. She describes her ideal customer being Beyoncé or beauty companies that focus on the importance of representation and diversity.

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Half Glazed Mood Board-02.jpg

Half Glazed is bold, it’s delicious, it’s bright. She wanted to incorporate pink, gold, and tan into her color palette, so I created a color palette that included those colors and complimented those colors. She also had an inclination towards a very graphic-heavy logo. I tried a couple variations of donuts, mouths, and donuts and mouths together. Mouth/lip graphics are incredibly popular right now, and we both recognize that they’ve been done a lot and are expected from makeup brands, but we wanted to put a Nakia Gibbs twist on it. She had a tough decision going between her options, but she finally ended up choosing the singular donut graphic option.