DropOut was another class project for one of my graphic design classes. Stephens College is known for its rigorous and hands on fashion program. Its fashion department consists of 4 majors, Fashion Design and Product Development (FDP), Fashion Marketing and Management (FMM), Fashion Communications, and Apparel Studies. Each major has to complete a senior capstone project. FDP majors have to design and create a whole collection of clothes, FMM majors must create their own brand, and Fashion Comm majors have to create a magazine. To make things easier for the FMM majors, it was proposed that their logos be designed through one of the graphic design classes. We were tasked to create a logo, business cards, and a third branded piece. Each of us in the class was assigned to groups to work with an FMM major.


I was put in a group that was assigned to FMM major La’Dae Hickem. Her brand was called DropOut and the concept was a pop-up store that appreciated and was a nod to high fashion but was priced more moderately. Some inspirations she looked towards was the Yeezy brand and fashion icon, Rihanna. She envisioned this pop-up store to be located in Los Angeles, CA and wanted to match that feeling and vibe of that. She loved the succinct looks of the logos for high fashion brands like Fendi, Chanel, Gucci, and etc and wanted something similar for DropOut. She liked that whether it was the monogram or the whole word written out, they are easily recognizable and identifiable. La’Dae also wanted to be able to incorporate a marble texture somehow.


When I think of high fashion brands, I picture something very bold and using a modern serif font (think of the effectiveness of the Vogue logo). I also pictured something distorted and chopped up to give it a younger and more worldwide appeal. I wanted to try out a combination of a monogram with the title and also coming up with some kind of symbol as well. I attempted to use a marble texture in the logo, but I thought it would be best to use that for other branding assets instead.


We all had to present everything that we created in front of the class and then the FMM majors had to make a choice about who’s branding they wanted to go with. I was extremely honored that La’Dae chose my branding for her capstone project.