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CurlzRivera is a good friend and old coworker of mine. He has always been into playing video games and he has now turned to streaming to combine both a hobby and a job. Something about his streaming channel that sets him apart from others is that he is a variety streamer and he never plays the same content. You can always expect something new and different every time that you tune in. He wanted a logo that would make him stand out and would be applicable for future usage such as merchandise and an animation.


CurlzRivera characterized his target market being people that were like himself. Other gamers, other streamers. Someone who’s 18-24 years, extremely tech savvy, and heavy mobile device usage. His target audience had to be someone who’s able to take full advantage of what the technological world has to offer.

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His ideas for a logo he knew he wanted it to use
his username and his initials somehow and to have
a memorable symbol to go with it. He mostly plays Xbox games on his streams and really admires their branding and logo and he also mentioned loving
Razer and Microsoft as well. They both embrace a very forward-thinking aesthetic with minimalistic shapes and a neon green color. Neon green was definitely a color he wanted to use, and he’s often interested and inspired by space and wanted the logo to emit a mysterious appeal that outer space seems to give off. He wanted anyone to see his logo to know that his channel is fun and would pique their interest to know more.


Creating a logo was challenging since I, myself, am not much of a gamer and I don’t tune in to any streams. I love futuristic design and my own personal logo is based upon that kind of style, but it was a bit difficult to connect at first. Luckily, he had some ideas of what he wanted already and after showing him just a few sketches, he had chosen the one he wanted to be for his logo. He was really happy with option 1, but he didn’t know which colorway he liked the best. So he consulted his Discord chat to get some input from some of his viewers and friends and we all collectively agreed upon the black and green variation.


A couple of months later, he approached me with an idea for an upgrade to the design. He loved the diamond shape and wanted to elevate that idea. He wanted to see that shape repeated somehow to create a fuller, robust logo design. The logo then morphed into what it is today (Option 3). I was satisfied with the first version, but after discussing it with him, I also agreed that it would look better with some tweaking. After the final logo was updated, he wanted to move on and create some banners for his Mixer bio. He wanted a design that could be used to build upon as he gains more followers. So I created a title banner, an about me banner, a socials banner, and a donation banner.