Bella is someone I know from college. She was modeling for print and runway at that time.
Since then, she has been able to start freelance modeling full time and spends her time at shoots,
on-set modeling coaching, and model consultations.
A lot of content creators have now turned to Patreon in order to provide a sense of exclusivity and closeness with their biggest fans and followers.
In an era, where social media holds the key to successful branding, Instagram has become one of the main social network platforms. More and more people use their Instagram profiles as a look into their personal life and a way to explain their branding and what they have to offer. As one of these content creators, Bella has been looking to expand on her profile, so she approached me to design her Patreon Instagram highlights.


What I’ve come to find out the most about freelancing, is that I am constantly learning new things everyday. I definitely can attest that I learned about 75% of my foundational knowledge of design from college, but I think I’ve learned the most from freelancing. I’d never been approached to design something like this before and it was definitely a new learning experience for me. I was very flattered that she that she came to me for this task. I had to approach this project a little differently than my other projects. It was like branding, but on a smaller scale.

Instead of creating a typical mood board that I do for my other clients, I created solely an inspiration mood board with actual Instagram highlight designs as opposed to doing an inspiration and a client mood board. I usually browse through Pinterest and create a Pinterest board of things that catch my eye from a first glance. Then I look through the entire board and narrow it down to 7-8 images that I then download and plop into a mood board. In addition to these images, I also include some font options (including combos) and color palette options.


The next step I did was to create an Identity Sheet for her. This includes her “logo”, words that describe her brand, final color palette, final typefaces, and the strongest inspiration images.

Identity Sheet

When I was working as a Creative Executive for the student-run marketing firm at my college, I learned
the entire foundation that I would then use for my freelance projects. I always make sure to do a lot of  research beforehand and assess the goals for the project via a creative briefing. Another thing that we learned from Creative Ink was how to present our creative design solutions. It was very typical for us to present 3 different options to the client. One option was exactly what they wanted and what they were asking for. The second option was supposed to be something that still fell in line with what they were looking for, but we could deviate a bit slightly and put our own personal touch into it. And the last option was supposed to be something completely different than what they were wanting, but yet still
fell under the guidelines and criteria. It was nice that Bella didn’t really have anything specific in mind
and she basically gave me full creative freedom for this project. So with the options I presented to her,
I tried to have some fun with it.


I would say that Options 1 and 2 were the closest to something very safe and what she wanted. Option 3 was something more experimental for me and a bit different. She mentioned that she wanted to be timeless, but she also wanted to stand out. I focused more on standing out for that option, and it was honestly my personal favorite. But I know in the land of having clients, you can have your personal favorites, but you can’t get attached to them. This was the most recent client project I have completed and I felt like it was one of the first times I felt completely satisfied with every option that I
presented to her. I’ve been able to combine everything I learned in school, everything I’ve learned on the job, and through talking with all my creative friends in this project. Bella ended up choosing Option 1 and later wanted to add a couple more slides into it. I knew that whichever she chose,
I would be completely fine with.